Kimono Trying-on Experience

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Oita-ken, Hayami-gun, Hiji-machi 2612-1

Business hours

9:30 - 13:00
Kimono Rental:please return it by 15:30

¥3500 for fitting
¥3000 to take home kimono or obi
For groups a maximum of 5-6 people at a time
December 25 - January 5 / August 12 - August 15
Tourist Association
TEL 0977-72-4255
Parking lot
Parking available at Ninomaru Yakata
10 minutes on foot from JR Youkoku Station.
For groups of 5 or more please enquire ahead in time.

It is rare to find a store that lets customers rent out high quality kimonos, finely-patterned komon kimono and yukata, all at the same price. You can also enjoy picking out your favorite style from their wide selection. Feel the beauty of Japanese culture by getting dressed up in an enchanting kimono. You don't need to bring a thing, as the staff will help you out with everything from accessories to footwear.


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