Master traditional Japanese beauty! The Hiji Castle Town Gourmet Course

Course outline


Meet in Ninomaru Yakata→ Experience Wearing Authentic Kimono (it takes about 45 minutes to select and put on kimono) & Tea Ceremony

It takes five minutes by car from Hiji Interchange and five minutes on foot from Youkoku Station.

Experience the tea ceremony in a charming kimono!
After being dressed in kimono, you will be served seasonal Japanese sweets and green tea at a tea ceremony in Fukami Memorial Hall, a Japanese-style house adjacent to Ninomaru-kan, a sightseeing exchange point in Hiji-machi.

From long-sleeved and semi-formal kimono for women, and finely patterned kimono to yukata, choose your favorite one. Feel the traditional beauty of Japan in a fancy kimono.
Time RequiredIt takes about 1 hour 30 minutes (allow about 45 minutes from selecting to putting on your kimono).

The Kimono Experience

Telephone number/0977-72-4255(Hiji Tourism Association)
Business hours/9:30~12:30
※Advance Reservation Required(As a rule, no fewer than 2 people )It costs 2,000 yen.
※Everything is included, from tabi socks and undergarments to small accessories
※The Tea Ceremony Experience is charged 500 yen separately


Walk the castle ruins with a guide.

The Footprint of History Tour
Since Nobutoshi Kinoshita, who was the nephew of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's lawful wife, entered the domain in 1601, the Kinoshita family governed Hiji for about 16 generations, over a long period of 270 years.

With Beppu Bay in the background, a stunning stone wall of Hiji Castle still exists. Enjoying the seascape while strolling the course around the castle ruins site is a popular activity.
Time RequiredIt takes bewteen 45 minutes and 60 minutes

Walk the castle ruins with a guide.

Telephone number/0977-72-4255(Hiji Tourism Association)
Business hours/It is open from 9: 00 to 16: 00 (final admission).
※Advance Reservation Required(As a rule, up until the day before)It costs 500 yen.
※The time required is about 45-60 minutes.
※A course touring Sho-okuji, the family temple of the Hiji Clan, as well as a "Kote-e" painting course, are also available.


Have a Special Lunch at "Tekizan-so", an Important Cultural Property

A gourmet kaiseki lunch is offered at the former Hiji villa of the Narikiyo family.
This villa was built from the ruins of the outermost wall of Hiji (Youkoku) Castle. Please enjoy a Japanese-style meal served in a luxurious modern Japanese house built with traditional techniques.
Feel free to take a stroll in the stunning garden with a landscape of Beppu Bay.


Telephone number/0977-72-2321
Business hours/11:30~14:00(17:30~22:00)
Regular holiday/It is open throughout the year. ※Advance Reservation Required
※The kaiseki lunch is 3,240 yen (a kaiseki dinner is available from 10,800 yen)
※Stroll freely in the garden from 10:00 am.

15 minutes by car

Tour Sake Breweries in Kitsuki Castle Town

Go a little further to the next castle town.
It takes about 20 minutes by car to Kitsuki, a castle town on a hilly road.
In "Nakano Shuzo", a 130-year-old sake brewery, you can also taste their signature brand, "Chiebijin".
Please taste the aged flavor of sake in a classic distillery flowing 24 hours a day.

Combining this tour with the Beppu Bay Mini Cruise is also recommended.