Enjoy spectacular views from the mountains to the sea! The Hiji Panoramic View Course

Course outline


Gather in Ninomaru Yakata.

It takes five minutes by car from Hiji Interchange, or five minutes on foot from Yokoku Station.
Get the sea & mountain map at the sightseeing exchange base "Ninomaru Yakata" in Hiji-machi, and drive to the trailhead of "Yamada Yusui".

15 minutes by car

Kyozuka-yama Trekking from the Yamada Yusui (Spring) Trailhead

Refresh yourself with amazing views by trekking!
Aim for the summit of Mt. Kyozuka, where you can take in 360-degree panoramic views on the path Xavier walked (Nishi Kashima Narugoe Road). There's also a guided plan to go trekking with a tree doctor.
It takes 90 to 120 minutes each way.
Time RequiredIt takes 90 to 120 minutes each way.

Walking and Trekking with Tree Doctors

Telephone number/0977-72-4255(Hiji Tourism Association)
Time Required/It takes about five hours.
※Advance Reservation Required(Five to ten people, in principle) From 5,000 yen per group
※Miyama-kirishima, a protected species of azalea, flowers in mid-May and October-December

15 minutes by car

Hiji Port Departure (Beppu Bay Mini Cruise)

Relax on the Beppu Bay Mini-cruise
From the Yamada Yusui trailhead, drive 15 minutes to Hiji Fishing Port, where this mini-cruise departs from. Look at the Kanagoe mountain range (Kyozuka-yama) from the sea. The glittery seascape on the sunset cruise in Beppu Bay is especially beautiful.
Time RequiredIt takes 30 to 45 minutes.

Beppu Bay Mini Cruise

Telephone number/090-8833-7255(Cruising Unit, Tourism Section, Hiji Branch, Oita Fisheries Cooperative Association)
※to be paid up to three days in advance.Advance Reservation Required(As a rule, no fewer than 5 people )It costs 2,000 yen.
※Other morning market and night-view cruises are available.

※Combining guided tours and tea ceremony experience plans at the castle ruins town is also recommended.