The Tour of Sea and Air War Heritage Remains to Show Future Generations (From Usa to Hiji)

Course outline


Travel with a guide to the "Kaiten" (human torpedo) Oga Training Base Remains

These are the remains of a base built for special attack training by human torpedoes, known as "kaiten".
The remains of the base include the bombproof shelter and a human torpedo hangar.
Kaiten Jinja Shrine is dedicated to the spirits of these fighters, and there is a replica of a human torpedo in the memorial park.

Kaiten Oga Training Base Memorial Park

Location/Okami 5673-55, Hiji-machi
Telephone number/0977-72-4255(Hiji Tourism Association)

Kaiten War Heritage Guided Tour

Telephone number/0977-72-4255(Hiji Tourism Association)
※Advance Reservation Required(As a rule, no fewer than 2 people )It costs 500 yen.
※There are other castle site areas, as well as the Fukae Port Town Course.

10 minutes on foot

Oga Mini Cruises

Point of departure.Oga Fishing Port

Time RequiredIt takes 30 to 45 minutes (Oga Mini Cruise)

Beppu Bay Mini Cruise

Telephone number/090-8833-7255(Cruising Unit, Tourism Section, Hiji Branch, Oita Fisheries Cooperative Association)
※It is 2,000 yen, payable up to three days in advance.
※It is also possible to return Hiji port

Beppu Bay Mini Cruise