Beach Café Sunahama Eatery

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  • Beach Café Sunahama Eatery

    Beach Café Sunahama Eatery


Oita-ken, Hayami-gun, Hiji-machi Oga 6842 Itogahama Seaside Paark

Business hours

11:00 - 17:00

Mondays (Open on Mondays which fall on National Holidays.Closed on the following day instead)
※From December to March, only open on Saturdays, Sundays and National Holidays.
Parking lot
Please use the Itogahama Seaside Park Parking Lot

Beach Café Sunahama is a café and restaurant situated at the Itogahama Seaside Park, where you can enjoy Italian food made using local Oga-produced sea fare. The menu is brimming with goodies from the ocean, from the chef's recommended Oga Fish Burger to the Seriously Seafoody Pizza.
There's also a terrace where you can sit outside and admire the beauty of the Itogahama coastline while dining.


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